3 oct. 2012

Grizzly Man (2005)

Helicopter pilot: I think the only reason that Treadwell lasted as long in the game as he did was that the bears probably thought there was something wrong with him. Like he was mentally retarded or something. That bear, I think, that day decided that he had either had enough of Tim Treadwell, or that something clicked in that bear's head that he thought, "Hey, you know, he might be good to eat."

25 abr. 2012

Christopher Hitchens (2004)

"I had been to the movies and had been annoyed, as one often is, by people chatting and commenting in the back row. This is the height of antisocial behavior, because it ruins the pleasure of others while bringing no benefit to the offender. I normally deal with it as I do when people in cinemas fail to turn off their cell phones. I turn round and tell them that I know where they live, and I know where their children go to school."

23 abr. 2012

Four Shades of Brown (2004)

Anna Landin: - Querido Flavio, soy tu madrina Anna Landin de Suecia. Espero que estés muy bien. Te escribo esta carta porque hemos decidido dejar de apadrinarte. La agencia me ha enviado muchos papeles que firmar y nosotros ya no seremos tus padrinos. Como sabes, aquí tengo mi propia familia y últimamente hemos vivido ciertas experiencias y necesitamos concentrarnos en nosotros mismos. Tu familia no es la única con problemas, toda familia tiene problemas, ¿sabes? Christer ha estado enfermo pero ha mejorado mucho y las cosas están volviendo a su cauce de nuevo. Es un gran alivio. 
Acabamos de plantar flores nuevas en el jardín y Christer tiene que eliminar un insecto peligroso que se las está comiendo todas. Algunas cosas deben morir para que otras puedan vivir... Espero que encuentres pronto unos nuevos padrinos a los que puedas enviarles fotos tuyas. Ha sido genial ser tus padrinos. Te envíamos algo de dinero en el sobre, cómprate un regalo y que tengas una vida maravillosa. Muchos besos y abrazos....
Anna Landin.

29 mar. 2012

A Dangerous Method (2011)

Carl Jung: -There are so many mysteries, so much further to go.

Sigmund Freud: -Please, we can't be too careful, we can't afford to wonder into these speculative areas... Telepathy! Singing bookcases! Fairies at the bottom of the garden. It won't do! It won't do.

Desperate Housewives - Women and death

Karen: Don't let it bother you, honey.
Lynette: What?
Karen: Tom, showing up with his girlfriend.

Lynette: It's fine...I actually don't think it's gonna last that much longer.
Karen: Yeah? You heard something?
Lynette: No, I decided something.

16 ene. 2012

Inside Man (2006)

Dalton Russell: -Any other proposal?
Keith Frazier: -Oh, please, do not say proposals... my girlfriend... she wants a proposal from me. 
Dalton Russell: -You think you're too young to get married? 
Keith Frazier: -No, I'm not too young... too broke. Maybe I should rob a bank. 
Dalton Russell: -Do you love each other? 
Keith Frazier: -Yeah, yeah, we do. 
Dalton Russell: -Then money shouldn't really matter. 
Keith Frazier: -Thank you, bank robber!